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Dunwoodie Youth Association

What you’ll learn

✓ Learning the Foundations Of Karate Basics

✓ Learning How to Protect Yourself in a Self Defense Class

✓ Karate “Kumite” Training (Fighting)

✓ Traditional Karate “Kata” Training (Forms)

✓ Learning Traditional Karate Bunkai (Self Defense Applications)

✓ Developing Karate Strength & Conditioning (Fitness)

✓ Karate Flexibility & Core Development


✓ Beginners welcome.

✓ No experience required.


The Kid’s Karate program is designed for ages 4 to 12, the crucial ears in a child’s development. Students benefit from karate’s focus on building character, developing concentration and listening skills, learning respect for oneself and others, and improving self-esteem. The Kid’s Karate program also improves their coordination and motor control, while having fun and working hard to achieve their next rank. Karate is a fun and challenging exercise routine as well as a great alternative to traditional gym workouts.

Our classes build 
strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. Regardless of whether you want to become more physically fit, increase flexibility, learn self-defense techniques, or do a fun and challenging activity, we have the program for you. Learn the Foundations of Karate that lead into Self Defense application along with Traditional Karate “Kata” & “Kumite”.

knowledge you will learn in this course has been passed on from generation to generation, and now you have a chance to earn the greatest Martial Art – Karate. This course specializes in the style of Shito Ryu, led by league instructors.

The Kid’s Karate works on a tipped base belt system, which is ranked in the same order as a traditional belt order.